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Why Regular Dog Bowls Won't Cut It for Brachycephalic Dogs

April 08, 2020 1 Comment

Why Regular Dog Bowls Won't Cut It for Brachycephalic Dogs

Some of the cutest and most popular dogs have broad faces and short snouts. The technical name for them is brachycephalic dogs, and they include Pugs, French bulldogs, Pekingese, English Bulldogs, some Spaniels, Mastiffs, Boxers, and more. Because of the unique shape of their heads, necks, and bodies they may have trouble eating from conventional dog bowls.

These dogs are more sensitive to health issues than the regular pooch. So it is important for us to take the necessary precautions. The last thing you want is to bring your precious pup and uncomfort or compromise their health, right? Elevated dog bowls help brachycephalic dogs to eat better. But they're not all made equal.  So let's dive into the benefits and at the end we'll recommend a feeder for you too.

 Why Do Flat Faced Dogs Eat So Fast?


(source @homerpugalicious)

The body shape of a Brachcylephalic dog is a huge contributing factor to stomach pain and flatulence.  With their flat faces, they find it difficult to take food from a conventional bowl. Their short necks also cause an issue when they're forced to eat off the floor.

 Brachycephalic dogs often have breathing issues. This is only worsened when it comes to mealtimes. Often their noses get pressed up against the wall of the bowl, restricting the airflow even more. This is why choking is such a big issue in our furry friends with the smooshed faces.

 With these large gulps of food and air, you can guess it has to come out somewhere right? Yep, those cute but stinky farts that we all have a love hate relationship with.

 In some ways, their eating position is much like how a human would look and feel eating out of a flat bowl. What works better for us? If we want to slurp the last bit of soup, we pick the bowl up and tilt it toward out mouths. Elevated dog bowls with a slant work better for these special pets too.

 So if you add a smooshed face, shorter neck, lack of air you're in a world of trouble. So what can you do? Let's explore that now.

 Benefits of Elevated Dog Bowls

So we've elluded to the use of an elevated dog bowl to help your flat faced pup eat better right? Okay, so here are the major benefits of making the switch today:

  • Bowls that are closer to their faces make it easier for them to eat out from. This improves their posture and minimizes the straing on their neck, back and legs.
  • Elevated Dog Bowls help to keep the food and water off the floor. This reduces clean up time and prevents spills, accidents or water logged floors.
  • Most elevated feeders have some sort of non slip proofing included. This stops your pup from bulldozing their bowl all over the room at mealtimes.
  • With an improved posture, your dog is able to take their time chewing before swallowing. This reduces bloating, gas, and the chances of vomiting after meals.

The Solution To Your Flat Faced Dog's Dreaded Mealtimes


Brachycephalic dogs need personalized care when it comes to meal times. We searched far and wide for an elevated dog bowl that our dog Chapo could eat from comfortably. But we couldn't find one until we designed the NibbleyPets™ Elevated Feeder. This feeder is the perfect combination between style and function.

 This particular feeder raises both bowls to 5.5" off the ground with a comfortable 12 degree incline. This allows your precious pup to eat with an ideal posture to improve comfort at meal times. This reduces strain on their legs, neck and back but it doesn't stop there. It also helps reduce indigestion, bloating, flatulence and choking.

 As pet lovers ourselves, we know how important your pet's health is to you. So, we're including an extra set of two stainless steel bowls - so you can always have a fresh bowl ready. The set includes two bowls with 2.5 cup capacity and two bowls with 1.5 cup capacity. 

Our new bowl set has helped thousands of dogs across the world to eat better, not to mention it looks great in the house. So we urge you to check it out! 

What did you think? Let's chat, put your comments below! We'd love to hear from you! 

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April 23, 2020

I think a) it’s about time these short noses should be bred out. In my view it’s cruel, and b) it’s natural for dogs, wolves etc to eat from the floor.

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