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Donut Bed

70% Of Dogs in The United States Suffer From Separation Anxiety 

Separation Anxiety is a commonly known problem in dogs all around the United States, especially French Bulldogs.

You see, our dogs are social animals and need loving environments to feel safe and comfortable. Our NibbleyPets Calming Bed does just that!

It creates a warm and inviting environment where your pup is going to feel like they're snuggling right up to their favorite hooman.

Hooman Grade Memory Foam

We made sure to use only the best memory foam, foam so good that even Hoomans can use it.

Next Level Comfort

The luxurious faux fur mimics the warmth of cuddling up to their favorite hooman. 

Machine Washable

When it comes to wash your pup's bed, simply pop it into the washing machine on a gentle cycle. For best results dry outdoors.

Designed To Reduce Anxiety

Mimics being cuddled up in a litter of pups to make your pets feel safe and secure

Your Pups Favorite Bed Is Finally Here

Made from human grade memory foam this bed is guaranteed to be your pups favorite bed ever. We've tested hundreds of beds and none of them were hooman level comfy. Your pet deserves the best, and we believe it too

Feeling Safe Is THE Most Important Thing

Our Donut Bed was designed to mimic the natural cuddly feeling that pups get from their packs which naturally helps them feel more comfortable and less anxious. 

The 180 Sleep Guarante

Try the NibbleyPets Donut Bed for 180 nights. If you haven't noticed your pup absolutely loving it, we'll hook you up with a full refund, no strings attached.

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The most perfect bed ever!

Moana loves her bed, we even take it with us on family road trips to make her feel more comfortable - Mauis World

'My dog loves this...'

My dog has never loved any of her beds but she absolutely loves this one! - Hansel G.

Bravo Nibbley Bravo

This bed is so easy to take apart and clean, very durable and most importantly its backed by a wonderful guarantee!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nathalie Sotomayor

No shipping in time plus still not receiving all the items. been more than 3 weeks


I ordered two but received only one

Isaiah Juarez
Great product

My suki girl love her bed !!!!

Karin King
My Bully Loves

I didn't have high hopes. My Bully hates every bed I buy for him. But since this one had a "sleep guarantee" i decided to take a chance. He jumped in it the minute I put it on the floor and has slept in it every night since. I am may be broke, but he is happy. And I mean that's all that really matters right?