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6 Ways to Show Affection to Your Dog

April 02, 2021

6 Ways to Show Affection to Your Dog

Dogs never failed to show their love to their owners, especially when you are feeling down or every time you go home from work. They can quickly feel if you are happy, not feeling well, or stress.

Most of the time, dog owners can relieve their stress the moment they have spend a good quality time with their dog.

It’s about time to show them the affection they need from you. In this article we’ll discuss how you can effectively show your affection to your dog.


Rub His Ears

Give him pleasure and help your pet to feel more relaxed by giving him a gentle rub behind the ears. Dogs love having their ears rubbed, and it gives them a sense of calm and happy feelings.

Rubbing his ears is also one of the effective ways to calm your pet when they feel tense during the check-up at the vet clinic.

Let Them Hang Out with You

If you might not notice, a dog can appreciate even your smallest act of love. If you’re currently beating a deadline and your pet suddenly lays on your lap as you work at your desk, let them.

In this way, they will feel that they are still welcome and even a part of your busiest day.

If you’re planning to have a movie marathon with the family on weekends, do not forget to invite your pet to be with the entire family. As you enjoy watching a movie with family, you may give a chew toy that he/she can play with.

Avoid Pulling on Your Dog’s Collar at All Cost

If you’re about to go strolling with your dog and he suddenly jumps or rushing out the door, avoid pulling his collar at all cost because it’s a threat for him.

Doing so will damage his cervical vertebrae. In addition to that, the more you pull his collar, you will notice that he keeps moving forward.

Loving Gaze

You can simply show your affection to your dog by giving them loving gazes or eye contact.

It releases oxytocin or also called the ‘love chemical’. Just be careful when you eye contact with them for long, as it may trigger their aggressive behavior, or they would think they are in trouble.

Feed Him by Hand or in Elevated Dog Feeder

Hand-feeding teaches your dog that you are the food provider, as well as it reduces the chances of them being food aggressive.

Here are some of the benefits of hand-feeding your dog once in a while.

  • It teaches your pet bite inhibition.
  • It creates a strong bond with you and gain his trust further.
  • It helps your dog to focus and follow your command such as “gentle” or “easy”.

Moreover, to help your pet be healthy at all times, especially when they are older, you may opt to give them an elevated dog feeder as a gift.

An elevated dog feeder prevents your pet to feel backpain and less strain at their neck and legs.

Touch of Love

Dogs are like humans; sometimes, all they need is a touch of love and your attention. Speak to them quietly as if you’re talking to a human, and give him belly rubs and a healthy treat.

Remember always to show him love, because dogs would do anything and everything for you without hesitations.


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