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The Ups and Downs of (Pet) Parenthood

February 06, 2020

The Ups and Downs of (Pet) Parenthood

Ask any pet-parent what they want for their fur-babies, and they’ll tell you that their health and happiness come first. But - keeping a dog’s well-being in check isn’t always easy, especially flat-faced dogs who are high-maintenance and give their moms and dads a really hard time. It’s not their fault, but it stilldoesn’t make your life a walk in the park.

Otherwise known as “brachycephalic” dogs, flat-faced breeds commonly suffer from Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome, or BOAS. While their faces are absolutely adorable, our short-nosed friends often experience upper airway problems owing to their physical characteristics, including a long soft palate, narrow nostrils, and/or a collapsed voice box.

A small windpipe can make matters worse.

The poor thing has to smoosh his entire face into the bowl to get his fill, making it incredibly hard for him to breathe properly through his nose. The only alternative is for him to take in air through his mouth along with his food - notorious for causing severe gas and indigestion.

This is actually very dangerous too, and can lead to vomiting or even choking.

No matter the cause of your dog’s pain, we know it causes you just as much - if not more - suffering. After all, there’s little worse than seeing your pride and joy having a hard time. And - that’s not even taking otherhealth problems into account that are common in allolder dogs, including joint aches and pains caused by problems like arthritis, gas and indigestion from eating off the floor, and a general inability to eat because of pain.

It’s a vicious cycle - but thankfully, there is a loophole!

There’s nothing quite as relieving as seeing your dog’s health improve, and that’s what’s so great about the new flat-faced dog feeding concept we want to tell you about. Invented with the vision of drastically improving flat-faced pups’ quality of life, these special kinds of feeding bowls are elevated at the perfect (and very deeply researched angle), to make it easier for your flat-faced pal to enjoy every mealtime.

The NibbleyPets Feeder is a prime example of this revolutionary creation, combatting the strain and indigestion these dogs so commonly encounter when eating “normally.” Designed with thought and love for dogs, the feeder treats pups to the optimal eating position - with a bonus nonslip design that keeps your furriest family member safe whether they’re chowing down pellets or lapping up water. The elevated position also helps parents stay sane, with less messy mealtimes!

At the heart of it all is a vision to make the lives of pets and their parents better, while making it easier for you to keep your pup well-fed without contributing to a painful list of health problems.

Thanks for reading this blog, and we’ll see you in our next one! 

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