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Are Elevated Dog Bowls Good For German Shepherds?

December 17, 2020 2 Comments

Are Elevated Dog Bowls Good For German Shepherds?

You may have recently heard of elevated dog bowls and have seen how popular they are with brachycephalic dogs.

German shepherds are brachycephalic too, because of their noses. This could indicate that they are more sensitive to health issues, which could indicate that they would gain significant health benefits by using an elevated dog bowl stand.

That's what we're going to discuss in this article, as we are going to take a look at why you should or shouldn't use them.

So stay tuned.

Are Elevated Dog Bowls Good For German Shepherds?

Yes, they are. Just like for other dog breeds, using an elevated dog bowl stand improves the posture of your german shepherd while eating. This also gives them various other health benefits compared to a normal dog bowl stand which we'll talk about in a moment.

Benefits of Using an Elevated Dog Bowl For German Shepherds

Using an elevated dog bowl stand for german shepherds has some significant benefits. Below, we've explained them in more detail to help you get a better understanding of why you may want to use one for your German Shepherds.

Better Posture & Fewer Health Issues

One of the main benefits is that it improves their posture when eating. This minimizes their strain on the neck, back, and legs which means they live a much more comfortable life when using an elevated dog bowl stand.

Because of this, your german shepherd can also take its time chewing before they swallow. This then reduces bloating, gas, and the chances of vomiting after meals.

And, by avoiding these in the long term, your German shepherd is also less sensitive to more dangerous health conditions.

Better Hygiene

Another great benefit of elevated dog bowl stands is that they offer better hygiene than regular bowls.

One of the reasons for this is because your german shepherd's bowl will not be sitting on the floor anymore which means it's less likely to catch bacteria.

Also, when your dog is eating or drinking, its mouth is not going to touch the floor. This improves hygiene a lot because their mouth is not going to pick up the bacteria from the floor.

Plus, if your elevated dog bowl is made from the right type of wood, it can even be anti-bacterial which of course improves hygiene too.

Because of all this, your dog is also less likely to catch any illnesses.

Easier To Clean

Another great benefit of having an elevated dog bowl stand is that it reduces clean up time for you.

This is because they help keep the food and water off the floor, which makes your life a lot easier. Depending on the material, of the bowl stand, they might be very easy to clean too. So, for example, if you have a feeder that is made from smooth bamboo, it is much easier to clean.

NibbleyPets Elevated Dog Bowl Stand

If you are ready to help your german shepherd improve their comfort, then you'll love our elevated dog bowl stand.

The NibbleyPets elevated dog bowl stand is all about giving your dog the dining experience they deserve.

It's perfectly elevated so that your german shepherd will not have to stretch its neck into an unnatural position.

Again, this gives it all the benefits that we spoke about throughout this article.

Other Benefits of the NibbleyPets Elevated Dog Bowl Stand

Because our elevated dog bowl stand is crafted to make your dog's life as comfortable as possible, it also has some other significant benefits.

These benefits are what make our dog bowl feeder unique and better than others that you may find.

Non-Slip Design

Something unique about our elevated dog bowl stand is that it has a non-slip design. While many feeders are made out of good material, they can sometimes be slippy. This can cause your dog to slip when leaning on it. 

Ours, however, has been tested to make sure that the feeder is not slippy. 

Optimal Feeding Position 

Another cool benefit of the NibbleyPets feeder is that it has the optimal feeding position. This isn't the case for all feeders, as not all have been tested to the right extent. 

How well our feeder has been tested is also reflected in the reviews, where we have scored an average of 4.9 stars out of 5. 

Clean As a Whistle

Last but not least, our elevated dog bowl stand is also clean as a whistle which is thanks to it being built with three-ply bamboo. This material is both eco-friendly and antibacterial. 

Check out the NibbleyPets elevated dog bowl stand. 

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