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7 Ways to Make Your Cat More Affectionate

January 28, 2021 1 Comment

7 Ways to Make Your Cat More Affectionate

Now many cat owners complain that their cat isn’t as affectionate as it ought to be. Some people even go so far as to say that their cat gives them “no love.” The fact about feline behavior is that some of them tend to be antisocial. These antisocial felines don’t like to be picked up, petted or cuddled, and hate sitting on your lap. However, some are born affectionate and love your attention.

So, if you didn’t land the feline lottery with an affectionate kitten or cat, who sits on your lap for hours or enjoys the extensive petting sessions you like giving out at the end of a hard day, there are a few things you can do about it. While the tips below are effective, it will not convert an antisocial cat into a drooly lap cat, but it will help strengthen your relationship with it.

The Base Basics

The first step of making your cat more affectionate and lovable is to give her the opportunity to clearly see your positive intentions, which can be done by offering her fun toys, food, and clean water. You will also want to clean her litter box every day and take time out to play. When the cat is happier, you will also be happier, which means mutually good feelings that carry over into a bonding relationship.

Our suggestion is to spend more time with your cat; she should see that you are not her owner but instead a friend, a guardian, and a meal provider. So, if she does not come to you to say “hello,” you need to be proactive and walk up to her and give her some affection. Once the cat is used to the attention you give her, she might start seeking it out after a while. After all, affection, even for animals, is quite addictive!

Give Some Affection While Feeding

When you are preparing food or opening the food can for her, you might want to talk to her too. Then when she starts eating, you can gently stroke her a couple of times. Doing this will help her associate this stroking behavior with a positive experience, i.e., eating.

Be Playful

You never want to force a hug on any cat; it sends out the wrong message. Instead, you’ll want to play with her, maybe get her to chase a piece of string or a laser pointer. You can also roll a ball over and get her to play with that. Adult cats don’t play as often, and some might be downright lazy, but it helps to try.

Catnip to Loosen Her Up

Catnip is a great way to bring timid felines out of their proverbial shells. You will notice that they become friendlier.

A “Slow Blink”

Yes, that’s right, blink real slowly; it is a non-verbal statement that expresses love to a feline. It is way better than a direct stare, which is threatening.

Don’t Push It

You never want to push your affection on to the cat. Sure, it may work for the dog, but with a cat, they can run off in another direction and end up feeling victimized as a result. Also, refrain from yelling or punishing an otherwise shy or timid cat because that’s just going to push them further underground.

Treats Always Work

Each time you are tender with your cat, maybe give her a treat. Doing this allows the cat to associate the tenderness with something good like her favorite treat. After a while, you might not need to give her a treat in exchange for some affection.

Final Thoughts

That’s it, we hope you have enjoyed this article on 7 ways to make your Cat more affectionate. Remember to not push it as well though, because often cats will naturally come to you when they’re ready.

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