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6 Tips For Grooming Your Dog At Home

January 21, 2021

6 Tips For Grooming Your Dog At Home

No matter what breed your dog is, regular grooming is essential for their health. It doesn't only help them keep their cute looks, but it also helps prevent health problems such as infections or skin issues by improving their hygiene.

But, those are not the only benefits of grooming your dog.

If you have a dog, you probably enjoy one-on-one time with them, as much as any other dog owner. And, that's exactly what grooming is.

To make it easier for you, in this article, we're going to take a look at 6 tips for grooming your dog at home.

1. Trim Your Dog's Hair Carefully

You're probably used to taking your dog to a groomer to have their hair cut. However, you can actually cut your dog's hair yourself, if you are very careful. Even, if you prefer to take your dog to the groomer for a professional hair cut, you can still consider trimming the hair around your dog's eyes sometimes. This will help them see and may help you reduce the frequency in which they have to visit the groomer.

Still, you must be very careful when cutting your dog's hair yourself. And you should make sure that they are lying down calmly to be safe. From there, you can slowly cut their hair, but make sure to be extremely careful, as your dog may move a little. Once you're done, you can reward your dog with a treat for being calm which will help for your future cuts.

Another place where your dog should be regularly trimmed is their ears. This helps prevent infections, and can also help them hear better.

However, you don't have to cut your dog's hair. And, if you're not feeling confident to do it, then avoid it. You can always visit the groomers, and get a professional cut.

2. Check The Skin

When grooming, you'll want to check your dog's skin to see if you can see any signs of skin diseases.

Skin diseases are sadly quite common in dogs and can make them scratch or lick their skin frequently. They are very unpleasant for your dog, and can also let parasites like fleas transfer diseases.

Some signs to look out for are lumps or bumps when feeling their skin. Once you feel those, look out for further signs like rashes, redness, or bald spots.

3. Brush Your Dog's Coat

Dogs have a beautiful shiny coat that makes them look really cute, and it's also a sign of great hygiene. However, to keep it this way, we must brush their coat regularly, otherwise, it can not only lose its beauty but get very messy.

How often you should brush your dog's coat depends on the breed. For longhaired dogs, it has to be more frequent, at least once per week. Shorthaired dogs, however, can get away with less frequent brushing such as once every two weeks.

The reason brushing is essential is that it removes dirt, dander, or any loose hair from your dog's coat.

4. Safely Trim Nails

Having long nails and walking around the floor can be extremely unpleasant for your dog. They can bend which can be quite painful, or sometimes also trap dirt which can cause infections.

That's why if you have noticed your dog's nails clicking the floor, it's time to cut them. You'll need some nail clippers, nail files, and guillotine nail cutters. There are many tutorials online which will explain how to safely trim nails.

5. Check Your Dog's Ears

Your dog's ears are also an area, where you'll want to watch out for any type of infections. Usually, you will notice from their behavior that something is wrong, as ear infections cause significant pain.

If you do notice anything, it's probably best to bring your dog to a vet, as there isn't too much you can do.

Other signs also include:

  • The ear smells strange
  • There is moisture building up inside of the ear
  • Your dog is scratching their ears, or shaking their head a lot

6. Help Them Enjoy Grooming Sessions

Last but not least, you also want to help them enjoy the grooming process.

You can do this through various methods including: 

  1. Giving your dog treats during and after the process
  2. Take things slowly so that your dog understands what's going on
  3. Use a slip-proof mat when your dog baths, so they don't hurt themselves slipping 

Final Thoughts

As always, we hope you enjoyed this article on our 6 favorite grooming tips. If you did, make sure to check out some of our other recent blog posts, as you'll likely enjoy those too! 

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