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Best Places To Walk a Dog - The Ultimate List Of Ideas!

January 07, 2021

Best Places To Walk a Dog - The Ultimate List Of Ideas!

There aren't many things that are more fun than walking your dog in a beautiful area. Not only is the walk fun, but it's also nice to see your dog happy and enjoy it too.

But, sometimes it can be quite hard to get ideas of where you want to walk with your dog. That's why in this article, we're going to talk you through the 7 best places to walk your dog.

And, we've also included a wide mix of places, so you should be able to use one of these ideas, no matter where you live. Keep in mind, these are also not in any particular order.

1. On the Beach

One of the most obvious choices is on the beach. Dogs love beaches as much as we do because of the sea, fresh air, and beautiful views. If you live very close to a beach, you may have already taken your dog a couple of times, but think about if there are any corners or paths that your dog hasn't seen yet.

Alternatively, you could also walk your dog on another near-by beach or lake that you maybe don't visit as often.

2. Through The Woods

If you have any type of woods or forest near you, it can also be incredibly fun to walk your dog there.

Not only is it a great view, but you can also play fetch with a stick that you find.

And, with the sound of the birds twittering, or the fresh air of the trees breathing, it can make the atmosphere even nicer.

3. In The City

If you don't have a beach or any woods near you, it must be because you live in a city.

And, living in a city also has its advantages, as you can take your dog on a walk through the city.

For your dog, it's extremely adventurous to walk through the city with so many people. You can also stop off at the outdoor area of your favorite cafe, and spend some time relaxing.

Often, this can be extremely fun, especially if you don't often take your dog to the city.

4. In a Park

I think we all probably have a few parks near us. And, dogs usually love them.

Plus, quite often, you can also find other friendly dog-owners and their dogs there which can also be additional fun. Again, you can also consider playing games which can make the walk even more enjoyable.

5. In the Fields

If you live in quite a rural area, you probably have some fields near you. And, you've probably not visited them all with your dog which makes it a great choice for a lovely walk.

It can be extremely fun to take your dog on a walk in the fields, especially if your dog likes running.

6. In a Different Neighborhood

Your dog probably knows your neighborhood as well as you do by now. So, why not take your dog on a walk in a different neighborhood that they don't know yet?

That can be a great new experience for your dog, as it somewhat expands the little world they live in. Again, if your dog likes running, you can even take them for a run as well.

7. Do a Big Walk

Last but not least, you can also take your dog on a massive walk around several points on this list. You probably can think of a walk that would connect a park with a beach, or that also goes through a city.

Why not just make a massive walk out of it?

That could be extremely fun and adventurous. Of course, you should probably plan this a little, just to make the most out of it.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed this article on dog walking ideas. If you want to read more about providing the best possible life for your dog, you can also read our other articles below.

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