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5 Ways Cats Show That They Love You

February 12, 2021

5 Ways Cats Show That They Love You

Cats have a bad reputation for not being loving despite there being lots of evidence to prove otherwise. 

While you can’t expect them to jump all around you or lick your face as a dog would, they tend to have their own way of showing love.

Knowing when a cat is showing love is important because it sort of means that you’re doing everything right. 

Trust us when we tell you that cats may love their owners just as much as their owners love them, if not more. 

However, cats have a very different way of showing their affection, and it is very different from what we humans expect to see. In this article, we’ll examine five common ways cats show their love. 


1.  Purring 

Now many cat owners and even those who don’t own a cat may know that purring is a show of happiness. 

However, it is also a show for love. Cat’s seem to have a special motor inside them that turns on when they are relaxed and are enjoying something. However, depending on when a cat purrs, it can mean different things.

If a cat purrs when it is hurt, then that’s a sign of it feeling pain, and that purring is a way of soothing that pain. If a cat purrs when they are trying to sleep, that’s their way of relaxing. If a cat purrs when you’re petting it or when it is lying on your lap, that’s a show of love. 

That right rumbling and vibration when you are petting a cat is a sure sign of love. However, some cats may also purr when they are upset, which isn’t as common. Usually, you’ll be able to tell the difference though. 



2.            Rolling Around When they See You 

Human children tend to throw a tantrum by throwing themselves on the ground and rolling around. 

However, that’s not your cat throwing a tantrum by rolling around on the ground when they see you; that’s a sign of them being excited to see you. 

When you return home after a hard day at work, your cat may run up to you and throw themselves on the ground and roll a little, which shows that they are greeting you. It also means that they want your attention, especially if they are exposing their belly to you. 


3.            Bunting 

Usually, this means when a cat rubs its face on you or an object. It is also when they (cat) head butt you using their foreheat, or they might rub their head on yours.

By doing this, the cat is leaving its sent on you, and in a way, marking their territory. However, they will only mark their territory on you if they love you. 

Also, bunting is practiced on other pets and some other humans they may love.


4.            Scratching 

Scratching is often seen as a destructive behavior by human beings because it can tear furniture apart.

However, pay attention to where the cat tends to scratch the most. If those areas are mostly associated with the owner, then that is a sign of love. 

For instance, if a cat scratches your favorite chair, it isn’t to destroy it, but it is a show of love for you. 


5.            Kneading 

Kneading is a behavior that cats have been doing since they were kittens. As kittens, they would knead their paws against their mother’s breast to release milk.

However, that behavior carries on into adulthood and can be exhibited when feeling content, loved, or relaxed. 

Usually, they will knead when being petted on the owner’s lap. Kneading is an expression of adoration, which isn’t unlike a slow blink.


Final Thoughts

That’s it! We hope you have enjoyed this article on 5 ways cats show that they love you. If you did, make sure to check out some of our recent posts below. 


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