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Frenchie Travel Pod

Say Goodbye to Anxious Car Rides!

The NibbleyPets Luxury Travel Pod is your pup's new favorite mode of travel. Specifically designed to be used both in the house and on the go. Leaving your pup feeling safe and secure with a familiar environment all the time.


Why Get A Luxury Travel Pod?

Anxious Proof Design

Our innovative four walled design helps to ease your pups anxiety during car trips by giving your pup the freedom to hide, sit up or lounge in the car. No more stressful car trips!

Bye Bye Messy Seats

Our dog bed is made of a durable nano-nylon fabric that protects your car seats from rips, tears, accidents and pet hair. Keeping your car cleaner for longer.

Travel Ready When You Are

Ready to go? So is your pup thanks to our innovative design, simply secure your pup with the included harness leash, zip up the NIbbley travel pod and grab the extra-strong woven handles and go!

Your Pups Ready To Go Lifestyle

Mixing style with function this traveling dog pod is great for relaxing at home, taking trips in the car and cuddling up when they want some alone time. Talk about portability!

100% Secure With Luxury Made Finishes

Say goodbye to cheap, flimsy travel beds that add to your pups anxiety rather than relieve it. Experience next level comfort, peace and quiet on your next car trip with our luxurious dog pod bed.

A Place For Everything, Everything In It's Place

Pockets on both sides gives plenty of space for all of your pup's necessities when going out and about.

The 180 Sleep Guarantee

Try the NibbleyPets Luxury Travel Pod for 180 nights. If you haven't noticed your pup absolutely loving it, we'll hook you up with a full refund, no strings attached.


How can I clean this?

Our NibbleyPets Luxury Dog Pod is made from scratch and dirt resistant material. To clean your babys new favorite dog pod, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and it'll be good as new!

What type of guarantee does the NibbleyPets products have?

Your purchases from NibbleyPets is backed by our 60 day manufacturer's guarantee! This means that if ANYTHING goes wrong with your mat within 60 days, we will replace this for you immediately no questions asked. 

Who can I contact to talk about my order?

You can contact our customer service team at anytime by emailing - our lovely team operates Mon-Fri from 9am to 5pm AEST. 

We generally aim to reply back to all customer queries within 24 hours, except on weekends because well...we're spending time with our own fluff balls!

What about shipping and delivery

We ship from right here in the United States of America!

Our fulfillment partner fulfills orders within 1 business day (Mon-Fri), a timeline which does not include Weekends or Holidays. Please remember that the delivery of your order is the responsibility of the shipping carrier (USPS, Fedex, DHL).


Once a package leaves our fulfillment center, you must reach out directly to the shipping carrier selected during checkout to resolve delivery issues. You should have your tracking number ready when reaching out to the shipping carrier.

On average, we expect customers to receive their orders within 3 business days! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews
Lola Downs

The POD is fantastic. From the moment it arrived and we unpacked it the dogs loved it. It hasn't made it to the car yet, as we haven't been out with the dogs in the car yet, but my youngest Penny has taken to having an afternoon snooze in it she loves it so much. Given how stressed Monty gets in the car we can't wait to try it in the car with them in it...although suspect they won't share and we will be buying one for each of them!

Katheryn Vandyke
Great Product!

Our baby Janson climbed right in it as soon as I put it together....I love the colors and the overall look of it!

Todd Aguayo

My dog Polly loves the bed - jumped straight in as soon as we’d assembled it. It is a great size - perfect for a small to medium sized dog (Polly is a 10kg toy poodle) and also really well made. Much better than anything else I’ve looked at. We’ve bought it for our new campervan and it fits well - doesn’t move about easily and can anchor in several places. Really pleased - thanks so much and also for prompt and helpful communication.

Sherman Mace

Why didn’t we get one before!? Minnie & Max fit comfortably together and are both safe and secure with the two seat belts provided. Minnie always found it hard to settle and would whine in the car.

Solomon Cash

I purchased a new car and wanted a booster seat for Coco, my Cavachon to travel in. As she is only a small girl (7kg), she can struggle with car travel when she is not able to see out of the window. That travel anxiety also causes her to get into a bit of a pickle when we arrive at our destination - basically she goes nuts! The seat is great at keeping her contained and preventing those paws from getting all over my new car seats!